doktor Kraśnicki doctor
Dr n. med. Dariusz Kraśnicki, lekarz medycyny pracy
ul. Kmicica 3, 54-514 Wrocław rejestracja internetowa
tel. 601 775 123

Medical for renewing driving licence in Wroclaw

How to renew your driving licence in Wroclaw quickly and without a delay?

Hi guys
My name is Darek Krasnicki and I'm a leading certified and approved physician
by the Polish Driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority for extending the validity period of medically restricted driving licences in Poland.

I'm so called the driver’s doctor and a leading expert on this matter not only my area.

And more than three quarters of foreign drivers
who stay in Poland and re-apply following the expiry of their national
licence are issued with another licence valid not longer than three years.

If you are going to stay in Wroclaw a bit longer, it is wise to allow your licence to be valid for longer period of time
and it should reduce the burden on You, as an individual licence holder.

If this situation applies to You just visit my surgery in Kmicica1A/1  street
in Wroclaw.

I don't usually see any artificial problems if the maximum validity period for a restricted
driving licence was extended even to up to 15 years.

But before visiting my office you have to register online
or via email, I repeat
or just call 601 577 123, I repeat 601 577 123.

After visiting my surgery you can submit my medical certificate
to the Polish Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and smoothly renew your driving licence. And then enjoy visiting Poland by your own car.

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share this with anyone you think might need my service.

See you next time.

I need to have a medical certificate issued for my drivers license in Poland. Can you let me know how the process is and when you have an appointment?
Thank you!
I am originally from Costa Rica but I have already a polish license and this one is the one expiring. 
If possible Friday after 4:30 or Monday early morning. 
Hi, I just saw your video about the medical exam for drivers license. I already have the polish driving license and it will expire next month, I would like some information on how to proceed with renewing my license.

Next Monday, 11th April 2022 at 14u, I have an appointment with your office.
I have a question regarding the medical certificate for a driving license Category B.
Do you also provide an ENGLISH version of the certificate?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,



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