doktor Kraśnicki doctor
Dr n. med. Dariusz Kraśnicki, lekarz medycyny pracy
ul. Kmicica 3, 54-514 Wrocław rejestracja internetowa
tel. 601 775 123

Private doctor: email

If you are looking for an English speaking private personal doctor in Wroclaw, I offer Monday to Saturday appointments while providing a confidential and personal service.
Appointments can be made by phone or email. My surgery is situated in 1A Kmicica Street

Everything I do is based on delivering the highest quality of medical service to complement the quality of my personal attention essential in every aspect of state-of-the-art healthcare.

My main goal is to make such service available to anyone seeking it.

  • Most often My Surgery is the first point of contact into Wroclaw's medical community !!

I offer Occupational Health Services and consultations to all types of industry. Psychological and counselling services are also offered in the practice where a full assessment of your psychological health and needs can be undertaken.


I do not provide home visits. I do not deal with cildren beacacuse I'm not a pediatrician.

Doctor's fee - approx 200-300 PLN. [60 USD/60 Euro]

Services provided:

  1. Occupational health services
    Advice on health screening (prevention is better than cure)
    Pre-employment medicals and screening of medical questionnaires
    Health certificates
    Long term sickness reviews and advice
    Early retirement on the grounds of ill health
    Hepatitis, hepatitis, yellow fever and other vaccinations /Travel Vaccine Pack/
    Fitness to work assessments
    Substance and alcohol testing and advice
    Stress prevention, counselling and treatment programmes
  2. Medical services
    Private and personal consultations
    Consultation covering lifestyle, occupation and earlier medical history
    Referral for further tests or to other specialists if required
    Drug prescription / Antibiotics, Contraceptives /morning after pill/ Tranquillizers or others

    Cross-border prescriptions for EU Citizens

  3. Other medical services on demand
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), /sexually transmitted infections (STI)/

I offer 10 PLN credit for English Teachers/ or Students who initially find my private surgery on the Web.

Patients are seen one-at-a-time, and on time.
Weekday Appointments: 2 pm-3 pm (1 pm-2pm Fridays)

Clinic open 5 days a week

Contact details
1A/1 Kmicica Street
Wroclaw, Poland
Phone: +48 601 577 123

In 2011 doctor Krasnicki launched an online Skype and ZOOM online  consultation /after making an initial appointment/

 for people/patients who live far away or are are too far from his surgery.

English Speaking Doctor in Wrocław


I hope you are well and that you remember me.
I am back in London and finally I saw the neurosurgeon.

He confirmed your diagnosis and that of your colleague the neurologist.
I am having treatment for my neck and hopefully can avoid surgery but they are not sure.

I wanted to thank you for your kindness and consideration.
I also wanted to ask you the name of the pain medication you gave me as injection.

I look forward to your reply.

Hi L...
I admire your sense of humour even in very difficult situations

Hope to see You soon when coming back to Wroclaw


Hi Darek
Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes--I try to laugh at life sometimes.It is much better than crying.

I am going to Japan soon for training and will probably come to Wroclaw after.
My doctor was asking me the name of the injections I had in Wroclaw--the injections you prescribed.
They were very good and took the pain away.


Hello Dr. Dariusz,
I am writing to tell you about a problem that I am having with my prescribed dosage of Clonazepamum.
My life has become increasingly more stressful over the past few months, and I have been taking more than my prescribed dosage of the medication. I have been trying to equal out the average dose to 3mg per day, by not taking any Clonazepamum during the weekends, and on days that I take off work. This in of itself has had a very negative impact on my life, as I find myself spending the weekends alone, trying to avoid anxiety-provoking situations.
Since our last appointment, however, I have started working on the weekends, and I now have no way of averaging out my daily dosage.
Due to the fact that I am trying to buy a flat with my girlfriend, and saving up money for a much needed Summer holiday, it is necessary for me to work as many hours as I can.
I am writing to ask you if it is acceptable for me to be taking 5mg of Clonazepamum a day. I had hoped that I would be able to cope with the extra anxiety in my life without taking more of the tablets, but it has simply not been possible.
So, basically, what I am asking you is, are you OK with the fact that I have started taking an extra 2mg of Clonazepamum per day?
At the dosage which I am taking now, the prescription is due to run out on the 21st of June. However, my girlfriend and I are going to Croatia on the 26th of June for two weeks, so I was hoping that we could meet on the 23th or 24th of June, to discuss the above-mentioned issues in more detail.
My Answer
  • We can discuss the issue in my office

I'm an English teacher in Legnica and I was wondering if there are any
appointments available on Saturday. I just need to get some
perscriptions refilled and get the dosage adjusted on one. If not,
what's the earliest appointment you have?

I need the cheapest version of Buspirone (15 mg 2 times a day) for
anxiety, Euthyrox, 25 mcg (1.5 tabs a day) for hypothyroidism, and I'm
interested in possibly starting singulair for my horrible allergies.
I've been on loratadine, cetirizine, desloratadine and fexofenadine
and they've all stopped working for me.

I was hoping to make an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow, Wednesday 19/10/11.
I am an Australian Tourist and need to be able to speak with an english speaking doctor in order to get a prescription for my contraceptive  pill as well as an antibiotic cream for an rash that i have on my face.
Can you please let me know via email or on my mobile phone

I visited Dr. Krasnicki when I arrived in Wroclaw. I needed an English speaking Dr. at the time to discuss some issues I was having. I found Dr. Krasnicki to be very professional and the treatment provided was exactly what I needed. I would not hessitate to recommend if you have arrived and would like to continue counselling from your previous country (which was my case).

I missed the train to Wrocław today. I had some unexpected appointment this morning so I will not be there today.
I will try again next week or the week after. My apologies for such late notice.

I've spoken with you earlier today on the phone regarding how I can get a breast ultrasound or  breast MRI scan here in Wroclaw.

I have contacted Medical Center but all of their February dates have been booked for ultrasounds. I can call them Friday to see if I can get a March appointment.

Would you be able to recommend somewhere? Preferably with an english speaking Dr.?

Thank you,
Thank you for investigating this and following up.  I can come to your office, would his Friday be suitable?


I want to let you know that I was able to get an ultrasound at Medical Center today and all seems good. I need to go MED for a followup mammogram and I have been given their number to make an appointment.
I will therefore cancel my appointment tomorrow but would like to thank you for your help.

Dear Dr. Krasnicki,

I need some help. Me and my friend had sex with now contraception on Monday (12.03.12) and I think she might get pregnant. Can we have an appointment with you so you can give us some prescription
to get some drugs to prevent a possible pregnancy? Please tell me all info you will need so I get them before meeting you. Is it Possible we can prevent a baby?

Please reply soon.

I don't have to be there with my friend right? I can give you all information you'll need.

Dear Dr. Dariusz Kraśnicki,


Thank you very much for your kind help, please find attached the guarantee letter for the patient attention in your office today at 4 pm. Please after the consultation send us the medical report, the bill and your bank information so that we can make a money transfer, you could send this documents thru this email address, or Fax +1-877.......Thank you very much and in case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Best Regards,

Thank you very much for your reply, I have spoken to the patient and she has no problem, she would be there a few minutes before 3:30 pm. Once again, thank you very much



Your Patient Natalia ....has visited my office today.
She was diagnosed with Erysipelas Migrans of her left lower leg.

My prescription:
Antibiotic Dalacin C
Ointment Triderm
Vessel Due F

She was allowed to travel to Argentina by plane,
but due to possibility of Economy Class Syndrome
I prescribed Vessel Due F to prevent Thrombophlebitis

/The Patient had already had some dilated veins near the skin surface/
The general state of health was good, but in case of high fever or dyspnoe /lack of breath/
another doctors visit was advised.

I took a few photos of her lower leg and shot a short video
for your medical records /if necessary/

I also sent her written consent
and my invoice.

If you need something more just don't hesitate and let me know

  • Dear Dr, thank you so much for the Information and all your help, we already sent the documents to the financial department in order to proceed with the payment, they will be in contact with you later.


Best regards.



I am a Dutch citizens with a small problem in my life. The problem is that i need subutex and i want to come to your place as soon as possible.

I need 16mg every day, and I think i can come to your office every month.

My situation in my life is much better with this medicin and i can soon begin to work.

I will altso need 5mg x4 valium everyday and imovane to sleep on.

I have a really long history and can tell you more aboute this when i meet you.
So, can you please help me?

My Response
@I'm not certifified to prescribe subutex according to Polish Law

No problems with the Valium everyday and Imovane

Thank you for your time on the phone earlier.

As discussed, we have an employee, Mr ...., who is currently absent from work due to sickness and has been so for a number of months now.  He is an engineer who works onboard one of our North Sea Supply Vessels, and generally works one month onboard, and takes one month’s leave afterwards.  Whilst onboard in January, he experienced severe back pain to the extent that he had to be air lifted off the ship by helicopter to hospital in UK where he was operated on.  After he was fit enough to leave, he returned home to Gdynia on sick leave, which he is continuing treatment.

I spoke with Mr ....last week and even though he has had another operation in Poland, he still does not feel that he is making much progress.  We are concerned for Mr Wolski’s recovery, and would very much like him to attend an Occupational Health Consultation, to give him more of indication as to his likely return to work, and perhaps advise us if there is anything further we could be doing to assist in his rehabilitation.

 I have already discussed the possibility of this with Mr ...., and he is understandably a bit concerned about having to travel to Wroclaw for an appointment, and he has also shown some concern over what this is for. 

As we discussed, I have given him your number and e-mail address to call and have a discussion about this, to determine if this would be beneficial, and perhaps if it is too far, we can arrange for him to be reviewed by another doctor closer to his home in Gdynia.


I look forward to hearing from you with some suggestions as to how we may be able to progress.



I was wondering if you had any available appointments on Monday.  I just need prescription refills.  Early afternoon works best, and can you please give me directions to your clinic?
Which is the easiest to get to from Sky Tower area?  I'm not too familiar with Wroclaw outside the city centre.
I looked online, both seem fairly easy. I'll take the 8AM on Kmicica. do you have a phone I can contact you on just in case I get lost?


Hi again

Thank you for your efforts but it seems I will be able to manage it on my own now. The physical therapist responded to me that Dr K.....i is back from holiday. He also said he will talk to him tomorrow about scheduling the PRP treatment for me. 
I hope to stay healthy while I am here but will certainly be calling you if the need for a doctor arises! As you probably know, your website and youtube uploads were very helpful to me. Also, at my appointment with you (and after), I was impressed with your interest level, checking with me on the blood test results and also making the initial appointment for me with Dr. K.....i. 
How are you feeling now? I hope everything is great with your heart.

Good morning, Doctor,

I came to see you in late May this year because of some odd blood test results that I received while visiting the USA. You helped me arrange for a follow up blood test and also put me in touch with Dr. K...i regarding help for my elbow tendinitis. I met with Dr. K....i twice.
We decided to try physical therapy first and if that didn't work, PRP treatment. I attended therapy for 16 sessions with no change. Now, I would like to meet with Dr. K....i to begin the PRP treatment. I have been unable to make contact with him. I called his phone and received the Polish recorded message to contact him via his email. I did so twice with no response. I would like to manage this as soon as possible so maybe I can get back to golf yet this season!
Do you think you could talk to him and do what you did last time - just make an appointment for me? I am available any time July 25, 26 or 27.
Thank you,

I can wholeheartedly recommend dr Krasnicki and his clinic, he managed to help get my prescription filled even while he was on holiday.

I wish I could get care like this in my home country!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Myself  Sunil, student in Wroclaw University. I have fewer and weakness from 2 days, also I feel cold with fewer.
I am new and was looking for doctor in Wroclaw. My husband has sent you sms on  0048 601775123 
I am not sure if you accept patient for general health problem. If yes then please let me know the appointment for today.

Hello Mr. Krasnicki,

I wanted to make an appointment within the next 2 days, if possible tomorrow, since its very urgent.

I just called the number on the website and got an appointment for 4pm. But the earlier, the better - so if possible I would like to take the one at 2:30 pm and cancel the other one. The appointment would be for Kate.

Thank you very much

She needs a prescription for the morning after pill and birth control, if thats possible.


I am working in Wroclaw for the next 16 days and I have had a breakout of genital warts. Do you do the removal treatment?

I have not had a breakout in 7 months prior to this.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciates


For a proper treatment I recommend

specialized medical Centers

Contact via links below


Thank you. I have sent them the same email.. Will they speak english do you think?


I accepted a job offer yesterday. The job is in Gdansk and I will be travelling to Gdansk this Wednesday, 03 July. I still have 2 weeks left on my current prescription but I will not be returning to Wroclaw until Saturday, 27 July, at the earliest. So, my prescription will run out while I am in Gdansk.
Can you renew my prescription before I leave for Gdansk? I can go to your surgery at any time on Monday or Tuesday (01 or 02 July). Are you available at any time on Monday or Tuesday? If so, which day/time suits you best?
Best wishes,

Hello again,
I have decided to turn down this job in Gdansk... I spoke to the owner of the language school today, and the pay conditions, accommodation, etc. are not nearly as great as I was originally led to believe!!!!!
Therefore, I will not need to visit your surgery this week. Please ignore my previous email :)

All the best,

Dear Dr. Krasnicki,
\ re my wound on my arm

First of all thank you for arranging my visit to you. Also for prescribing the antibiotic. In fact as I realized I would have to complete the whole course  if I started the antibiotic, I left it till yesterday morning to start them. I then found that the wound was in fact shorter than it was and it seems to be healing slowly. However am very grateful to you for prescribing them as it means I have something should I  need this or I develop the symptoms which you mentioned.

Thanks also for your kind concern about the buses back. This is most appreciated.
With best wishes,


Dear Dr. Krasnicki,
Just to say that I returned home safely at the end of last week, with the wound nearly (though not completely) healed.
Thank you again for all your help and kindness.
Best wishes,


Hi, Doctor Kraśnicki,

Pamiętasz mnie? I saw you last June because of some odd blood test results from testing in the US. I also had a problem with golfer's elbow and you helped me find an orthopedic surgeon.

Now, I have a bad cold or probably a sinus infection. I have been fighting it for 12 days now. I became more sick on Friday. I have a lot of sinus pressure (my face and teeth hurt), I have a deep cough that makes it difficult to sleep and I have a lot of drainage. I am taking Allegra D and Astelin nasal spray. In general, I take regular Allegra and Astelin daily for allergy issues. It seems to me that I need an antibiotic at this point. In addition to feeling run down by this cold/infection, I am flying to the US on Thursday and would prefer not to be so congested and coughing during the long flight!

Do you have time to see me today or tomorrow? If tomorrow, I would prefer before 11:30 or after 3:30.



If you are in a hurry come ASAP
to my surgery in 215 Zernicka street
but before 4 pm
Later I have appointments with my Polish  patients

If tomorrow 4pm is OK

Dear Dr Krasnicki,

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend yesterday. Can we set up an appointment with you as soon as possible for some help?
We don't want her to get pregnant now. We just need for you to prescribe some drug or something.

Kind Regards,

Dear Mrs Krásnicki,

Helo, my name is Lara  and I am a student. I would like to make an appointment tomorrow maybe or when you can, to ask you the presciption for contraceptives. Let me know when you can.
Thank you in advice,
Best regards.
4:00 p.m at Zernicka 215 street
Doctor's fee 150 zl

Hi Dariusz,

Like we talked yesterday I go to explain to you the evolution of my problem. Yesterday night, I began to have the medicaments you prescribe to me.
This morning, the pain is similar before and after injection. I don't know if this is normal, but I'm disappointed, because I thought that would be better for my condition... Today, maybe I'm feeling less painful on the gluteus and the thigh, but the painful on my calf is the same. I'm laying on my bed because I can't endure pain, but I don't know if to be lying is the best for this. Could you advise me about this?, and if I'm feeling a big pain, is better to walk, to stop, to sit down or to lay?

Tomorrow we have an appointment between 15:00 and 16:00 for talking about my problem. I hope can arrive, because when I try to walk, the pain is unverable...

Thanks and regards.

Hi, Doctor,
My 26 year old son was just out running when a dog attacked him. I don't know if he needs stitches or maybe only a tetanus shot. The bite is in the back of the thigh. Can you suggest where we should take him?
Is that something that you could do tomorrow? He is currently waiting at emergency room on Borowska.


My son will try to verify tomorrow that the dog had rabies vaccination. He thinks he knows the house the dog came from.

Good morning doctor,

I attach you here the results of the blood tests I did today. For the urine culture it will take a few days, and they will call me.
Let me know what you think about them, and thank you so much for all your help

I'm a student from Norway who needs consultation with a doctor as soon as possible, and apparently you speak fluent English. Is it possible to make an appointment next week?

Best regards

I'm so sorry, but I have class tomorrow at that time. Is it possible to meet after 15:15 tomorrow instead? And what is the price?

No, I take no medications at all. I've never had problems with depressions before either. 
Best regards

Today is not working for me, I'm sorry, but I could meet you tomorrow instead? I've lately been having problems with depression due to many problems including difficult study (medicine). This has lead to major problems in my sex life. I can't get erection and this really affects my girlfriend which I newly met down here. Can you meet tomorrow instead? 


I'm interested about making an appointment as soon as possible and i add you contact to skype.
I have some mental problems with concentration.

Im international student in Wroclaw and i think I suffer form anxiety or depression im not sure. This days are very bad i need some help because in monday i have very important exam.
And i can not stand my self anymore, i have no concentration. I don't know what is your way of working., but maybe you can tell me how to manage something.
Thank you in advance.

Hello Dr. Krasnicki,
My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex 2 days after her period? Is there a chance she could get pregnant? Also she took the emergency pill about a month ago. Is there anything positive we can do about this so she doesn't get pregnant? Will you be able to give us some prescription?

Will I need to come with her? She has school this week.


Or I can just come for some prescription?


Thank you.

Dear Dr n. med. Dariusz Kraśnicki

I am a 35 year old Danish male who would like to get in contact with a professional Polish Doctor that can help without me having to wait a long time (which is customary in Denmark). I am healthy male, marathon runner and about to finish my PhD in political science. However, I am unfortunately also in a potential divorce, which has left me with a temporary sleeping disorder pattern. My Danish GP (“family doctor”) has a very long waiting list and I would like help as soon as possible – maybe in form of benzodiazepines. As I can understand you are a private doctor and I am fine with paying whatever fee I need to pay as long as you can help me with a prescription. Is this a service that you would consider offering?

Thank you I advance.


All the best


I am a student from the UK here in Wroclaw. I need some medical treatment for sexual health. I was wondering if you offer a complete check up? And for how much?
I had unprotected sex and now i'm feeling discomfort around the end of my penis and a small amount of discharge.

But the last time I had sex was two days ago. Must I wait for a week to get treatment?
How do I book an appointment?

Kind regards,


I'm in urgent need of a morning after pill. I had intercourse yesterday but the condom broke and I have my ovulation right now. Can you please help me write a prescription?

I live in Wroclaw!

Best regards

Hi Doctor,

I am in need of a prescription for a morning after pill.
Best regards.
Thank you,
Is it close to Dominikanska or Grunwaldzki?

Hello. My name is August from Sweden. I arrived to Gdansk today. Everything was fine until i found out that I some how had lost my pain medicin for herniated. I got Dolcontin  and something similar to inject when it's really bad. Now i don't know what to do. I don't dare to do anything of what I've planed in case the pain in my back get really bad. Can you help me in any way? Get me in contact with a doctor near Sopot or contact a pharmacy or anything? I would be forever thankfull. Best wishes.


I am coming from South Africa and just realised on Friday that my
anti-depressant are getting finished today. Would it be possible to see you
quickly today? It is Asertin 50.
my Polish phone

Dear Doctor!

Do you have an appointment available tomorrow morning?

Best regards

@My office at 215 Zernicka street is open on 2 p.m

How can I help you?

Ok I will come at 2 p.m!
I need a perscription for a morning after pill.

@Ok, 100 PLN paid in cash

Good Morning Dr. Krasnicki,

My name is Roger, I am a 57 year old male visiting Wroclaw, Warsaw from Perth Western Australia.
I have a medical condition attached: Hypogonadism as per the attached medical history from my Doctor in Perth, whereby I am prescribed Andriol Testocaps 40 mg 3 times per day. Unfortunately I accidentally left my perscription in Kiev last week and will run out of medication tomorrow.
Would it be possible to have an appointment with you and can you advise whether or not you can prescribe Andriol or similar sufficiently to get me back to Australia the week after next?
Thanking you in advance for your time in this matter.

Hello Dr Krasnicki,

We just wanted to follow-up and let you know that Barbara is not getting worse, in fact she seems to be getting better. Thanks for your help yesterday!  We found a pharmacy and got the medicine very quickly. If for some reason she gets worse, then we will cancel our last leg of our trip and head back to Munich.

Thanks again!

I found this address as I was looking for an English speaking doctor in Wroclaw.
Do you kindly have time to make an appointment?
I suspect I have a walking/atypical pneumonia, as I have had the symptoms before: shortness of breath, burning in my upper chest, fatigue and some phlegm, but just a little coughing and no fever that I have noticed. I have noticed some burning in my chest for 3 weeks time, but today I felt breathing becoming harder, and the lungs seem infected.
I also have asthma, and get lung infections quite easily, and need to renew my prescription on Symbicort, as well as  Ventoline (Salbutamol) inhalators
Looking forward to hearing from you shortly

Kindly, Paulina

As the doctor said, am sa scriu in romana.
Am fost sa-mi scot dosarul medical pentru permisul de conducere polonez.
Doctorul e foarte de treaba, te ajuta sa fii relaxat.
Mi-a zis ca-i place Romania, a fost la Otopeni si a gustat rachiu :)

Na zdrowie :)



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